Learn how to choose the right electric motor for a variety of conditions

Do not just look for an electric motor to find out why the electric motor have stopped working since the discovery of the problem that affects the electric motor is not always so simple and many times not to realize only by the electric motor appearance.

After checking the outside of the electric motor and see that there is not the problem, it’s time to check the electric motor nameplate.

Now it’s time to check for possible other problems that can affect the proper functioning of the electric motor, but in addition to knowing what can prevent the proper functioning of the electric motor and important to choose the electric motor ideal for it to work in various conditions.

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It is important to see if the electric motor is drip-proof are not overly exposed to water or humidity, it is essential that the electric motor even has drip characteristics should not be exposed to water or any type of moisture.

Types of maintenance for electric motors

Regular expressions in electric motors allows professionals know when to maintain them. Such maintenance varies always according to each electric motor model, this because the more complex the model will be more complex maintenance. It should be made appropriately for each type of engine. rab plf26

There are companies that specialize in providing maintenance service for electric motors. When it comes to a company that makes periodic maintenance periodically pays more to hire an outsourced labor. In other cases where maintenance is done more routinely is important to have a professional within the company to do this work.

The proper maintenance of an electric motor to provide the continuity of the engine and also the utilization efficiency of the same. Avoid any problem related to the stopping of processes because the engine did not work, maintenance allows you to correct failures and prevent future problems, so it is indispensable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a DC motor

When it comes to electric motor is important to note their features, functions, advantages and disadvantages of models. With DC motor is no different, it has some peculiarities that differ from other model as shown below:

Advantages: It allows simple speed control and can function as a motor or as a generator. The dc motor has a higher starting torque, and inertia loads or high traction systems. 5362W

The parallel field of the electric motor has a constant speed and is suitable for industrial machinery.

Disadvantages: It is bulkier and expensive than the induction motor and requires more maintenance on your switch and brushes. It produces sparks, electromagnetic interference and is noisy.

The engine fires when there is lack of field excitation and power required for direct current. It is important to know an electric motor model before buying to make the right choice according to your needs.

How to make a simple electric motor

A simple electric motor can be built at home by yourself. Just that for this you have the right materials and follow the prompts.

There are several videos on the internet that show how to do step by step a simple electric motor, it is interesting that you consult this information.

The easiest models to become is an electric motor with magnet Leeson 175311.00 FHP. He is a great driver and can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy and then can be used for different functions.

These engines have become widely used in industries, later they were also applied to equipment of which are part of our everyday life. Depending on the use pays more you make a motor home than buying a ready, because the costs end up being lower. But be sure to do a comparison, it is also important for you to know if it really is more economical.